Downloads and Prints

The website was inspired by boxes of old photos in my basement.  Photos that brought back many memories as well as provided images of friends and family from before I was born.  I thought it was crazy to have these packed away where no one could see them, so I put my skills as a photographer to work.  Over time I added other photo projects for friends and family.  The website is just a great  way for me send and share them.   Please feel free to download, print, email links and share; the more the better.  : )


Yes that is me! Each group of photos/gallery should have a  "download all" button at the top of the gallery as well as each image should have a "print" and "download" button when you select it.  If not let me know so I can fix it. : )


The website is created on and hosted by  Photodeck has one affiliated print shop in the US call Whcc, located in Minnesota.  It's a family run business that started in the 1970s.  They have a wide range of print products and options.  You can use them or also just down load the image and print anywhere.  : )

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